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The Spani Advantage

With Spani, building a home is an enjoyable, hassle-free experience

1. We provide the complete building experience so you can relax

We facilitate the entire building process, from concept to completion, taking the pressure off you. You can count on our dedicated staff to guide you through each step, beginning with initial design and site reviews through to the final inspection.

And we save you time and money as one of the few contractors who own and maintain a large fleet of construction equipment.

2. Honesty, Integrity, Trust

We take our clients’ initial consultations to heart, setting the tone for our entire working relationship. When it comes to a project’s costs, design and feasibility, we’re not shy about sharing the truth with you. Our initial opinions are based on what’s best for your site and your budget … reflecting our commitment to your best interests. As far as we’re concerned, you build it once and build it right!

We’ve proudly earned the distinction of building homes that showcase beauty and quality to form a lasting investment. That’s only been possible thanks to our unique commitment to communicating effectively with our clients and establishing a warm and trusting relationship.

3. Reputation, Experience, Professionalism

Our experience and reputation is reflected not only in our customer relationships and accomplishments, but also in our alliance with industry professionals. As Sunshine Coast developers, we maintain a close working relationship with talented architects and designers, as well as the top local sub-contractors and tradesmen.

These established industry connections streamline the building process, allowing us to complete your job faster and more efficiently. Because nothing’s more important to you than having your quality project finished on schedule and within your budget.

4. Energy Innovations

We’re proud to offer alternative energy options for your new house or renovation.

Geothermal comes with a larger start-up cost, but our customers like the savings over time, low maintenance needs, reduction in fossil fuel consumption, and the long lifespan. For a secure and cost efficient heating and cooling source, geothermal is an excellent choice.

Solar is a a viable option for your home or commercial building. Solar gives you the ability to cut your reliance on fossil fuels, reduce the greenhouse gases you create, and avoid the price increases that come with electricity and natural gas consumption.

As a homeowner who uses alternative energy, you can:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Reduce your annual energy costs
  • Cut down your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Protect the environment
  • And feel confident knowing you’re relying on a renewable resource